8 Ways Minimalism changed my life (and how it might do the same for you)

Nearly eight years since my mother’s death, I have moved three large plastic tote boxes, trunks really, of her journals and a few odds and ends that I couldn’t emotionally, much less physically, deal with. Thus, much like itching around a healing flesh wound indicates a healing process, my increasing irritation and wanting to sort through those boxes seems to be a sign that my grief is healing. Christine’s most recent blog could not have come at a better time!

It's just me

A cutting from my sweet neighbour, Kelly, has grown into this beauty

Forget all about the “lifestyle” instagram worthy pics of minimalism. That’s not what I’m writing about here. It’s not about having an almost empty house, or being surrounded by white walls, a couple of baskets and a Monstera plant. Minimalism is different for different people – though I do have a Monstera plant and I love it! Just sayin’. No shame!
For me, minimalism is a practice, like an art practice, and it has provided contentment, deepened my appreciation of so much, and has helped my mental wellbeing. During these tough pandemic days, that’s been huge!

Here’s how it’s done that and might do the same for you:

1) Less stress and more calm. Less stuff means less stress. There is science behind that. Evidence shows that a cluttered environment can be stress inducing. Something as simple as…

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